About Us
Brightday Production Sdn Bhd is a company that supplies rubber parts for industrial use in the automotive, construction and engineering field. We have been established since 2005 with good track records from our customers. Our company is located in Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia. We are committed to produce quality rubber parts that meets or exceeds our customer needs. Contact us today to see how we can become your supplier of industrial use rubber parts.
We are providing all kind of Mats and few other product and services for industrial use which base on the customer design / parts application expectations. We have our own experienced staff with a value-added workshop that we are able to provide custom rubber products to suit the local requirements for their automotive, industrial, engineering, and electronic needs.
With our team and expertise we are able to provide quality products with excellent quality, stability, on time delivery, reasonable price, and the requirement of foreign customers.
Our motto

Brightday Production will provide the best services professionally and committed to all customers.
Brightday Production will always show the best work ethic,reliable,Competence and customer-focused.
Brightday Production will ensure we will provide the consistents and excellent services to all customers.

Brightday Production Sdn Bhd 是一家位于 雪兰莪,马来西亚里专业的塑胶零件制造商。我们公司专业生产工业橡胶零件 ,工程橡胶零件,电子橡胶零件和汽车工业橡胶零件。自2005年以来我们长期提供各种橡胶零件,如今已经与客户建立良好业绩记录。

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